Kidical Mass

KIDICAL MASS – Child friendly and
cycle friendly cities

90,000 children, young people, families and friends campaigned for safe streets and independent mobility for children at Kidical Mass on May 14-15 and September 24-25, 2022. At over 400 colorful bicycle demonstrations in small and large cities, people demanded a child-friendly traffic policy. In Barcelona and Cologne alone, 2,000 people each were on the bikes. But the Kidical Mass is not just a big-city phenomenon. In countryside regions such as Amt Schrevenborn 330 participants (19,000 inhabitants), in the north of Germany, or Rösrath 400 participants (28,000 inhabitants), in the mountains, young and old cyclists have also campaigned for a fundamental change.

What is it?

Kidical Mass is a worldwide movement. Cyclists from 0 to 99 years old take over the streets to reclaim the road space in colourful bicycle demonstrations. The format focuses on children and sustainable mobility.

For Whom?

Everyone is welcome to join our inclusive events: Small and large cities feel addressed. Old and young. Parents and singles. Cycling initiatives, local groups of large environmental and cycling organisations, private individuals and initiatives.


The vison of Kidical Mass is that all children and young people can safely and independently use cycles as a mode of travel. We demand child-friendly, green places where there are many and varied open spaces for play and social interaction between all generations.


Kidical Mass Action Days 2023

"Streets are for everyone" 90,000 children, young people, families and friends campaigned for safe streets and independent mobility for children at Kidical Mass on May 14-15 and September 24-25, 2022. At over 400 colorful bicycle demonstrations in small and large...

This is how nice it can be on the streets. Kidical Mass September 2022

"Streets are for everyone" Tens of thousands of children, young people, families and friends took part in the global Kidical Mass on September 24 & 25 to campaign for safe streets and independent mobility for children. In over 200 small and large cities, people...

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Next Kidical Mass Action Days
05.05. – 07.05.2023 & 22.09. – 24.09.2023

Become a part of it and organise a Kidical Mass ride in your city. We can help support you to organise it. We have an platform with detailed information and materials to get you started.

Our demands

Road traffic law

  • Focus on the vulnerability of children and aim for Vision Zero – zero road deaths and serious injuries.
  • Enable children’s independent and safe mobility – on the way to school, to friends, to the sports club or playground.


  • Protected or structurally separated, wide cycle lanes on main roads and country roads as well as protected crossings (based on the Dutch model).
  • 30 km/h speed limit on main roads in town.


  • School streets and traffic-free zones
  • Bicycle lanes and bicycle zones as a comprehensive network and basis for a safe route network to school
  • Roads without through traffic in residential areas (e.g. Kiezblocks Berlin, Superblocks Barcelona) 

Why is the Kidical Mass so important?

Ann-Kathrin Schneider

Political Director of the German Cyclists' Federation (ADFC)

“I support the Kidical Mass because I think that cycling with children must be possible without worries. For this, we urgently need a modern, child-friendly road traffic law.”

Copyright: ADFC/Deckbar

Simone Kraus

Organiser Kidical Mass Cologne/Global Alliance Kidical Mass

“It’s time we gave back to children what they have had to do without for decades: to be able to move independently and safely, freely and carefree in their environment. They own the street!”

Copyright: Julia Sellmann

Dr. Eckart von Hirschhausen

Doctor, science journalist and founder of the "Healthy Earth - Healthy People" Foundation

“We have to make city centres safe for cycling! Cycling not only means mobility, but is also important for child development – and independently mobile children protect our climate at the same time. That’s why I support the Kidical Mass.”

Credit: Dominik Butzmann

Katja Diehl

Mobility expert

“We need days like the Kidical Masses create to be able to experience the future of free mobility with our children for once in reality.”

Copyright: Amac Garbe


5 years

“My way to kindergarten is mine: Once up the big hill. Then down the hill. Then past the pond with the swans, geese and ducks. Then we go to a big crossroads, the cars drive quickly around the corner, thumbs down! (…)”

Copyright: verenafotografiert


Student, 10 years

“Stop ignoring us!”

Copyright: Private


Kidical Mass supporter

“For me, cycling means independence and freedom. I want that for my children too”.

Copyright: Amrei Kemming

Annika Liebert

Campaigner Campact

“I support the Kidical Mass because it shows that the current transport policy is not without alternatives. A liveable design of our places for all generations is possible.”

Copyright: Private

Julia Hagedorn

Midwife and co-organiser Kidical Mass Augsburg

“I support the Kidical Mass because children are the future. The best motivation for the traffic change is the safety of our children!”

Copyright: Private

"Small transformations... are convincing because we can look at them, try them out and experience them"*

*Harald Welzer



Over 300 local organisations and initiatives are the heart of Kidical Mass. It is a unique network, decentralised, self-organised and stronger together. The Alliance was founded by Kidical Mass Cologne. ADFC, Campact, Changing Cities, Clean Cities Campaign, Deutsches Kinderhilfswerk, Greenpeace, Pro Velo Schweiz and VCD are partners.


From the ADFC Neuss with many nice translators.