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cycle friendly cities

From big cities to rural areas, we as the Kidical Mass action alliance are united by the vision that children and young people should be able to move around safely and independently on foot and by bike.
Safe streets and active mobility for children and young people is the key to the mobility transition!
Children who are active by bike and on foot from an early age remain so as adults.
With our campaigns – especially the Kidical Mass bicycle demonstrations, the school streets and the bike bus (Bicibús) – we paint a positive picture of the future and make change tangible. The Kidical Mass action alliance consists of over 700 organizations, associations and initiatives from Canada to Australia. During the Action Days in May and September 2023, we mobilized over 230,000 participants in around 900 actions.
Next Action days April 20 – May 26, 2024. Be part of it!

What is it?

Kidical Mass is a worldwide movement. Cyclists from 0 to 99 years old take over the streets to reclaim the road space in colourful bicycle demonstrations. The format focuses on children and sustainable mobility.

For Whom?

Everyone is welcome to join our inclusive events: Small and large cities feel addressed. Old and young. Parents and singles. Cycling initiatives, local groups of large environmental and cycling organisations, private individuals and initiatives.


The vison of Kidical Mass is that all children and young people can safely and independently use cycles as a mode of travel. We demand child-friendly, green places where there are many and varied open spaces for play and social interaction between all generations.


Action Weeks Spring 2024 #KidicalMass #StreetsforKids #StreetsForEveryone #SafeStreetsNow

The Kidical Mass Action Alliance & Clean Cities are calling for international action weeks from April 20 to May 26 #KidicalMass #StreetsforKids #StreetsForEveryone #SafeStreetsNow. Kidical Mass bike demonstrations, school streets, bike buses and other actions will...

Safe streets and active mobility for children as the key to the mobility transition!

Kidical Mass: Safe streets and active mobility for children as the key to the mobility transition! From Canada to Australia. From big cities to rural areas,the Kidical Mass action alliance are united by the vision that children and young people should be able to move...

Move now for a new mobility normality “Kidical Mass Movement”

Move now for a new mobility normality: After a strong start of the worldwide "Kidical Mass Movement" in Paris and Manchester, Germany, Europe, USA and Australia are cycling! Press Release Kidical Mass Action Alliance Berlin/Bern/Hamburg/Cologne/London/Verden,...

Kidical Mass Action Days September 2023

From September 16 to 24, 2023, the Kidical Mass action days will take place for the sixth time. The focus is on the weekend of the 23rd to 24th of September. From London to Lisbon to Berlin and Bad Endorf, young and old are demanding: Safe streets for children - now!...

Ride Kidical Mass and win a bike

Woom, as a new member of our alliance partner "Zukunft Fahrrad" raffles 10 kids bikes among all Kidical Mass participants! And this is how it works: Participate in a Kidical Mass near you in September. Post a photo on Instagram of your ride at a Kidical Mass with the...

Online How to Workshops – Kidical Mass, School Streets & Bike Bus/Bicibus

The great action days in May are still very present. We want to make good use of the momentum and the lead-up to the next Action Days in September. Online How to Workshops We're getting straight into it with different workshops in preparation for Kidical Mass, School...

It was phenomenal! From Canada to Pakistan, together we brought well over 150,000 people onto the streets in over 500 locations.

This is the great mobility revolution of the little legs From Canada to Pakistan, we got well over 150,000 people on wheels and on the streets together in over 500 locations during the Kidical Mass & Streets for Kids Days of Action in May 2023. Together for...

150,000 participants worldwide at 500 demonstrations for child-friendly streets – never seen before!

Here comes the big mobility revolution of the little legs: 150,000 participants worldwide at 500 demonstrations for child-friendly streets - never seen before! Berlin/Bern/Hamburg/Cologne/London/Verden, May 7, 2023. It was phenomenal! The Kidical Mass action alliance...

The great mobility turnaround of the little legs – Around 440 Demonstrations for Childfriendly Streets

UPDATE: The great mobility turnaround of the little legs - Around 440 Demonstrations for Childfriendly Streets Berlin/Bern/Hamburg/Köln/London/Verden, 2 May 2023 Between 5th and 7th May 2023, the Kidical Mass action alliance will get tens of thousands of people onto...

#StreetsForEveryone Kidical Mass Action Days May 2023

The first Kidical Mass have already taken to the streets again. It is also not long until the action days in May. The Kidical Mass has the vision that all children can move safely and independently by bike and on foot. Let's take to its streets together and demand...

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Next Action Weeks
20.4. – 26.5.2024

Become a part of it and organize a Kidical Mass, a school street, or a bike bus/bicibus. We have an open source platform with information and materials to get you started. Just get in touch at We are a worldwide movement and it is still growing.
You can find the information for the current actions on the map. New actions are constantly being added. Just click on the icons.

#KidicalMass #StreetsforEveryone #StreetsforKids

Our demands

Road traffic law

  • Focus on the vulnerability of children and aim for Vision Zero – zero road deaths and serious injuries.
  • Enable children’s independent and safe mobility – on the way to school, to friends, to the sports club or playground.


  • Protected or structurally separated, wide cycle lanes on main roads and country roads as well as protected crossings (based on the Dutch model).
  • 30 km/h speed limit on main roads in town.


  • School streets and traffic-free zones
  • Bicycle lanes and bicycle zones as a comprehensive network and basis for a safe route network to school
  • Roads without through traffic in residential areas (e.g. Kiezblocks Berlin, Superblocks Barcelona) 

Why is the Kidical Mass so important?

Prof. Dr. Marco te Brömmelstroet

Universität Amsterdam / Urban Cycling Institute / @fietsprofessor

„Children should be able to come to school on their own. We know from Paris how to do it. So let’s start now. Let’s make the streets in front of the schools car-free (…) Because we want to give that to the children. The children have the right to that.“



9 years, Kidical Mass Köln

“We children want safe routes. We want to feel safe on our way to school or kindergarten. For that, cars have to drive slower!”

Copyright: Stefan Flach

Simone Kraus

Organiser Kidical Mass Cologne/Global Alliance Kidical Mass

“The Kidical Mass is a worldwide movement pushing the mobility revolution of little legs. We are united by the vision that children and young people can move safely and independently. The wow effect: an improvement in the quality of life for all!”

Copyright: Julia Sellmann


5 years

“My way to kindergarten is mine: Once up the big hill. Then down the hill. Then past the pond with the swans, geese and ducks. Then we go to a big crossroads, the cars drive quickly around the corner, thumbs down! (…)”

Copyright: verenafotografiert

Julia Hagedorn

Midwife and co-organiser Kidical Mass Augsburg

“I support the Kidical Mass because children are the future. The best motivation for the traffic change is the safety of our children!”

Copyright: Private


Kidical Mass supporter

“For me, cycling means independence and freedom. I want that for my children too”.

Copyright: Amrei Kemming

Floriane Lewer

Referentin Kampagne (ADFC)

“I support the Kidical Mass because I think that cycling with children must be possible without worries. For this, we urgently need a modern, child-friendly road traffic law.”

Copyright: ADFC/Deckbar

Dr. Eckart von Hirschhausen

Doctor, science journalist and founder of the "Healthy Earth - Healthy People" Foundation

“We have to make city centres safe for cycling! Cycling not only means mobility, but is also important for child development – and independently mobile children protect our climate at the same time. That’s why I support the Kidical Mass.”

Credit: Dominik Butzmann


Student, 10 years

“Stop ignoring us!”

Copyright: Private

Katja Diehl

Mobility expert

“We need days like the Kidical Masses create to be able to experience the future of free mobility with our children for once in reality.”

Copyright: Amac Garbe

Annika Liebert

Campaigner Campact

“I support the Kidical Mass because it shows that the current transport policy is not without alternatives. A liveable design of our places for all generations is possible.”

Copyright: Private

"Small transformations... are convincing because we can look at them, try them out and experience them"*

*Harald Welzer



Over 700 local organisations and initiatives are the heart of Kidical Mass. It is a unique network, decentralised, self-organised and stronger together. The Alliance was founded by Kidical Mass Cologne. ADFC, Campact, Changing Cities, Clean Cities Campaign, Deutsches Kinderhilfswerk, Greenpeace, Pro Velo Schweiz, Parents for Future Germany, VCD and Zukunft Fahrrad are big partners.


From the ADFC Neuss with many nice translators.

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