The Kidical Mass Action Alliance & Clean Cities are calling for international action weeks from April 20 to May 26 #KidicalMass #StreetsforKids #StreetsForEveryone #SafeStreetsNow. Kidical Mass bike demonstrations, school streets, bike buses and other actions will be organized in several hundred cities. During last year’s action weeks, over 230,000 participants were mobilized in around 900 actions.

People want better and safer mobility. In the cities. In the countryside. Everywhere. Kidical Mass organizer Simone Kraus says: “We are adapting our children to an environment with more and more cars and putting them in high-visibility vests instead of improving the infrastructure.” She adds: “A child-friendly traffic system has numerous positive effects: It not only protects our children, but also the ever-growing group of older people, it helps people with limited mobility, the climate and the health of us all.” This is why the campaign alliance is calling for a complete overhaul of road traffic law. Everyone should be able to move safely and independently on the roads by bike, scooter and on foot.

About the Kidical Mass Action Alliance: The Kidical Mass is a worldwide movement. We are united by the vision that children and young people should be able to move safely and independently on foot and by bike. With our campaigns – especially the Kidical Mass bicycle demonstrations, the school streets and the bike bus (Bicibús) – we paint a positive picture of the future and make change tangible.  At the heart of the action alliance are more than 700 local organizations and initiatives. A unique network – decentralized, self-organized and strong together. It is supported by supra-regional partners: ADFC, Campact, Changing Cities, Clean Cities Campaign, Deutsches Kinderhilfswerk, Greenpeace, Parents For Future, Pro Velo Schweiz, VCD and Zukunft Fahrrad.

Hashtags: #KidicalMass #StreetsForKids #StreetsForEveryone  #SafeStreetsNow